Suit & Goggle Care Instructions

SWIM WEAR CARE:  Arizona’s harsh conditions can cause swim suits to show wear within a couple of weeks. Taking great care of your suit will help extend its life. Hot tubs can ruin your suit. Lycra is a very delicate fabric. As with any high performance product, including polyester, proper care will extend the usable life of this garment. Take gentle care when putting on your swim wear. Do not pull hard; be careful that your fingers do not break the elastic. Once your Lycra product begins to relax, it will go on with greater ease. Remember, DO NOT machine wash your swim wear. Detergents will cause the color to fade more rapidly. To prevent damage from chlorine, chemicals, perspiration residue, shampoo/soap, and lotion, rinse your suit in cold water immediately after each use. After rinsing always hang dry your suit, do not leave it rolled up in a towel.  Mildew is damaging.  Sitting and leaning up against rough surfaces such as cool decking and fencing can snag and put holes in your suit. 

GOGGLE WEAR CARE:  It’s best not to touch the inside of your goggles, to avoid leaving finger prints.  Many swimmers unintentionally scratch and wipe off the protective coating on the inside when trying to clean.  It’s better to handle your goggle lenses on the outer sides to reduce fingerprints and unintentional scratching.  After use, rinse goggles in a cold fresh water and shake to dry.  Rinsing off pool chemicals will help prolong the life of your goggles.  Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Do not leave in extreme temperatures, such as a hot car.  If you need to clean your lenses, gently use a soft cloth such as for eye glasses after rinsing in cool fresh water and shaking to dry.   If your goggles become foggy, you can use a anti-fog solution.   Adjust your goggles properly.  Straps that are not adjusted properly for fit/usage, can snap and break as a result.  If pulled and stretched incorrectly, straps also may break.

CHAMOIS:  Need to be immersed in water before unfolding/unrolling to prevent sticking and ripping.