Letterman Jackets & Chenille

How do Letterman Jackets work? Orders for Letterman Jackets are a complex and fully custom process. As such, we take orders In-Store only. We have sizing available, so be sure to bring your Varsity Athlete with you, along with their Varsity Letter from the school. Note that we don't carry the school letters! Once we get your Athlete sized, we will walk you through the ordering process. We will show you what the usual colorways for your school are, what patches are typically put where, and popular optional patches. You can stray from this as much as you'd like - it's only intended as a guide if you're not sure what to do!

Do you provide jackets for my High School? This question is best answered with a phone call or email, as the list is long and changes often. We support many schools in the East Valley and beyond. We are also happy to make a jacket for a school we don't currently support, however there are usually one-time setup fees involved. For more info, please contact us.

What do they cost? Our jackets are hand-made, to order, one at a time, with genuine leather sleeves. The pricing can range depending on how many patches you want. On average, you can expect to spend between $400-500 before tax. Keep in mind this is only an estimate - a very simple jacket might be less; conversely, a jacket fully covered in patches might be more. We will get you a total before we place the order and can add or take away patches from there to meet your budget. You can always bring your jacket back for add-ons later. Also note that our Letterman Jacket experts do not make commission. We understand jackets are not a small investment and there is no pressure to place your order right away.

What are my payment options? We do our best to make the payment process as flexible as possible. We only require a minimum of $200 down (non-refundable) to get a jacket ordered. The remaining balance is due when you pickup. Anytime between the day the jacket is ordered and the day the jacket is picked up, you can make a payment in any amount. This can be done either in the store, or over the phone - whichever you prefer.

Feel free to call us with additional questions at (480)-832-8172. However, most details not explained here are best worked out in the store, where we can show you in person.