Online Team Stores

What are Online Team Stores? Online Team Stores are an easy and efficient tool for clubs, schools, businesses and other organizations to order required and optional gear via a personalized online ordering system.

How do they work? The coach (or another point of contact, such as the business owner, organization head, team mom, etc.) works closely with us to select items they would like to have available for purchase on their team store. We then build a personalized online store at no cost. Online Team Stores are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as the organization would like (even year-round). This process streamlines the way team gear is distributed because it is not necessary for someone from the organization to collect all orders and payments to turn into the dealer. Instead, all coaches, players, parents, fans, employees, etc. have the ability to conveniently access, browse, order and pay individually and at their own leisure. We then process each order and package and fulfill individually. Group fulfillment options (such as the point of contact picking up all orders at once) are also available upon request.

Can we use them to raise funds? Online Team Stores are a great fundraising tool for your organization. Once you've selected the gear you'd like to see in your team store, we'll provide you with the price of the items. You can then add your profit to each item to set the final price. Upon the close of your team store, we'll provide you with a check for your total profit on the store.

If you would like to take advantage of our Online Team Stores, please stop by our store in Mesa or contact one of our sales associates today at (480)-832-8172 or by email at