About Team Stores



If you would like to take advantage of East Valley Sports' online ordering system for your team, please stop by our store in east Mesa or contact one of our sales associates today at 480.832.8172 or by email at  
Team Stores are an easy and efficient tool for clubs, schools, and other organizations to order its players required and non-required gear, and also parent and spirit wear via an online ordering system. 
Coaches simply select items they would like to see available for purchase by their team. East Valley Sports then sets up a personal store for the team, free of charge, with the gear hand picked by the coach. The Team Stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those connected with the team to take advantage of ordering. This process streamlines the way team gear is distributed because there's no longer the need for the coach or team mom to collect orders and payments from the team to turn into the dealer. Instead, all coaches, players, parents, and fans have the ability to conveniently order and pay at their own leisure through their personal online Team Store. 

Team Stores are also a great fundraising tool for your team or organization. Once you've selected the gear you'd like to see in your team store, we'll provide you with the cost of the items. You will then add your profit to each item to set the final sales price. Upon the close of your team store, we'll provide you with a check for your total profit on the store.     

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